On Monday we tried the geyser experiment – adding 3 Mentos to a bottle of fizzy drink.  Many of us had predicted that it would explode or blow up.  Watch the video to see what really happened!

Now we have some new things we’d like to try….

-using a thinner bottle
-including dry ice
-bigger fizz bottles
-more mentos
-use coke

On Wednesday next week the whole school is going to try this experiment.  Children will be paired up and will get 1 packet of Menots and a 1.25 bottle of fizzy to share….. I wonder what will happen then?

Awesome claymations!!!

Check out these awesome claymations the children from The Wizards of Oz created!  It took an awful lot of time, commitment, persistence and team work to get these finished, but the results speak for themselves….enjoy!
The Fish of Maui:

The Secret of Fire:

Fire Woman:

Battle of the Mountains (Group 1):

Battle of the Mountains (Group 2)

What is a shooting star?

We have been carrying out experiments on what happens to meteors as they travel through our atmosphere.  This little clip describes what a shooting star, or a meteor is.  We even did a ‘dust’ hunt in our houses and backyards for meteor dust that floats around in our atmosphere.  We think we found a few wee specks!!  AMAZING!

Times Tables

maths symbolsFor the first few weeks this term we’re going to be learning about multiplication and division.  This is a crossword I made so you can practice your five times tables.  Take note of the type of questions and answers I have used as you are going to be making your own crossword about a set of times tables…  Have fun!

Gymnastics Goals

We have been learning lots of different skills as we compete certain activities in gymnastics.  So we could see ourselves complete some activities, Deb videoed us.  After watching these video’s, we set ourselves goals.  These goals belong to Alexandra….If you see her, ask her how she is getting on.